New restaurant Gloria rolled out its new fall menu showcasing its new cocktails and fresh seafood combinations highlighting seasonal ingredients.

Earlier this week, I visited West Village jazz venue/eatery Garage Restaurant for lunch and to chat with owner Sal Perillo.

Tiny Fork's new menu brings New England-style fare to our urban jungle.

I recently attended an office party at The Sea Fire Grill, the new midtown seafood restaurant owned by the two “Bens” behind Benjamin Steak House. On a numbingly cold Monday night, I was pleasantly surprised to see a packed and happy crowd at the sleek, cheery bar. The restaurant, done in tones of muted gold and cream is accented with recessed blue lights, mirrors and a shimmering blue accent wall that conveys an impressing of bubbling water.

Like the name, the restaurant Oceana conjures up thoughts of an aquatic oasis: nautically inspired blues are everywhere, from place mats to chairs, and colored etchings of sea shells decorate the walls. On a recent midday trip, the packed restaurant suggested that perhaps the three-martini lunch is not dead after all: I saw more men in suits and more cocktails passing me by at 1:30 p.m. on a Wednesday than I had in a very long time. Meanwhile the choices! My friend, being the indecisive foodie that she is, suffered in trying to make a decision

Benjamin Steakhouse’s Benjamin Prelvukaj proves a master of the surf and turf by opening a seafood-based restaurant, The Seafire Grill. Prelvukaj has already made a name for himself with his two steakhouses. For his new eatery, he brings in seasoned seafood Chef Richard Pims, known for his proficiency with fish at notable spots like RM Seafood and Blue Fin.

Last night, I celebrated a friend's birthday at the Japanese restaurant Ninja New York.

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