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The culinary awards organization is in its 25th year, and what a delicious year it is. NYC, as always, made a strong showing. Here are the spots you have to check out.

Yes, the Swarovski crystal ball drops before the wild and jubilant masses in Times Square annually, but that isn't the only way to strut into the New Year like a New Yorker.


This week, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) named the Big Apple as the most vegan-friendly city in America—and rightfully so. In addition to tons of amazing meat-free restaurants, the city hosting a vegan alcohol festival on Saturday, Sept. 20.

Larry Kagan's steel sculptures show that things aren't always as they seem. His new exhibit is on view at Hirschl & Adler Modern thru Oct. 11.

I love going to museums and galleries—it’s the way I would bond with my dad as a kid. We both really like art—in fact, I went to a visual and performing arts high school and was “this close” to choosing something art-related as a career path. Anyway, when you go on an art outing, do you ever wish that you had more info than what’s provided on the little cards next to a piece of work? Well, if you are inquisitive like me and need more answers, check out ArtMuse.


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