Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que ribs (©Brent Herrig Photography)

The Where® IN New York staff weighs in on their favorite barbecue spots.

Looking for some fun places to dine, that are great with the kids in tow? Try feasting on these spots!

Not even a year old and Dinosaur-Bar-B-Que’s Brooklyn location is already a staple of its Gowanus neighborhood.

What are three things NYC is not known for? 1. downhill skiing, 2. desert storms, 3. barbecue. Geography and climate being what they are, the first two aren’t likely to change soon. But the third one—well, that’s a different story.

Growing up, barbecue was always one of my favorite types of cuisine, so when I moved to New York City, I was pleasantly surprised to find a great bbq spot within my first few weeks of being in this metropolis. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is a lively rib joint a short walk from the 125th Street 1 train stop in Harlem.

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