Brooklyn Brewery

Ditch the bottle of Bud and treat yourself to a bubbly beverage at one of the city’s small-batch breweries and brewpubs.

When I told a friend I was headed to Green-Wood Cemetery last Thursday evening for my birthday, he accused me of trying to make a point about the cycle of birth and death. But the real reason I was going was much more glamorous: There were to be drinks and music in the beautiful stained-glass dotted cathedral on the grounds, which meant I could not only drink Brooklyn Brewery beer in a church (a lifelong goal) but wander the beautiful grounds with a drink in hand and music in my ears.

I love brewery tours: you get to try new beers and see how they’re made. I’ve been on quite a few tours around the country (and in Ireland), but one of my favorites is right here in New York. Williamsburg's Brooklyn Brewery offers an extensive tour of its brewhouse followed by a beer tasting.

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