October 2014


Stylish Finds

This month, we salute the accessory we can’t live without—the bag. From clutch to satchel, these daily carryalls make the ultimate fashion statement. But when the intimate contents are spilled for all to see, it gets personal. The high-tech gadgets, bite-size edibles, creative tools and stylish extras we tote around reveal deep truths about our lives. So, let’s play a game: What’s in your bag? We’ll go first.

Getting Real with Maggie Gyllenhaal

Many dreams have come true for Maggie Gyllenhaal over the past 10 years: The statuesque, 36-year-old actress has found true love and a happy home in Brooklyn with her husband, fellow actor Peter Sa

The Art of Science

For centuries, the tools of the artist’s studio have remained relatively the same: paint, brushes, pencils, canvas. Today, artists are working with something entirely new: the latest in bioscience, imaging technologies, environmental studies and more.

Weightless Wellness

This year, wellness goes Space Age, with weightless—not weightloss—activities dominating NYC spas and workout spaces. Antigravity experiences, such as flotation chambers and trapeze classes, help health seekers float and fly their way to superb physical and mental health.