(©Benjamin Hill)

The Campbell Apartment

The tried-and-true commuter bar in Grand Central Terminal is housed inside the legendary Campbell Apartment and recently reopened after touch-ups and the added swank of elegant wall sconces and a marble-top bar. People-watchers can observe the everyday comings-and-goings of Metro-North railroad riders from Connecticut, the Hudson Valley, Westchester, Harlem and the Bronx while snacking on crispy tuna tartare tacos and New York State cheeses with walnut raison toast. Enjoy handcrafted libations from specialty cocktail bartenders at the Campbell Bar or outside on the Campbell Terrace, where couches offer a more casual and airy way to take in the sounds, sounds and moonlight in Midtown East.


15 Vanderbilt Ave
New York, NY 10017
United States


(212) 297 - 1781