Christiani Pitts as “Ann Darrow” and King Kong. (Joan Marcus)

King Kong

(Previews began Oct. 5, 2018, opened Nov. 8, 2018)

(2 hrs 15 mins)

Beauty tames the beast when a maverick filmmaker, a young actress and the legendary 20-foot-tall, 2,000-pound gorilla come home to New York in the new musical, based on the 1932 novel by Merian C. Cooper.

Schedule: Tu-F 8 pm, Sa 2 & 8 pm (No performances Oct. 16 & 23; additional performances Oct. 31 & Nov. 7 at 2 pm, Nov. 5 at 8 pm)

Beginning Nov. 13, 2018: Tu & Th 7 pm, W, F-Sa 8 pm, W & Sa 2 pm, Su 3 pm

Tickets: $69-$175

EDITOR’S OPINION: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And “King Kong,” the new Broadway musical, falls hard. In spite of (or because of?) its whopping $35 million budget, the show boasts a leaden book, cardboard characters that elicit neither sympathy nor empathy, tuneless songs, earsplitting orchestrations and flat-footed choreography. Kong, the puppet/animatronic standing 20 feet tall and weighing 2,000 pounds, at least has his charms; but they, too, wear thin by the time he falls from the Empire State Building. Technically and visually, the show is a special-effects marvel. But boredom, not beauty, kills this beast.—Francis Lewis


Broadway Theatre
New York, NY 10019
United States


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