’Tis the season for fun and entertainment, so why not check out these shows and take a breather from all that shopping and imbibing? There’s something for everyone, except the kids. Sorry, little ones, you’ll just have to look elsewhere. 

The team behind “Gloria: A Life” is almost totally female. (©Joan Marcus)


Playing legendary feminist Gloria Steinem in the new Off-Broadway play, “Gloria: A Life,” is, for actress Christine Lahti, an invigorating experience. “I connect with Gloria on so many levels: our Midwestern roots, our shared sense that we are living the unlived lives of our mothers,” says Lahti, who first heard about feminism and Steinem in 1971 when she was in college. “I understand and am inspired by her activism, her heart and her incredible generosity towards all people. I just wrote a book [“True Stories From an Unreliable Eyewitness,” 2018] that exposed [my] warts and all, and it was very vulnerable making. I knew Gloria wanted the same kind of honesty about herself in the play. So, we are taking a very deep, sometimes painful dive into her life. And she welcomes all of it. I feel so much closer to her after this process.”  |  Daryl Roth Theatre, 101 E. 15th St., 212.375.1110

David Rossmer and Steve Rosen (left to right), authors and stars of “The Other Josh Cohen.” (Christopher Lueck)


David Rossmer and Steve Rosen (left, left to right) are best buds. They met at an audition for an improv troupe at summer camp when they were 7, and the precocious, stagestruck duo have been friends and creative collaborators ever since, culminating in their musical comedy, “The Other Josh Cohen.” Rossmer and Rosen not only wrote the Off-Broadway show (music, lyrics and book), they also star in it. And who is the titular character? A plaid-clad schlemiel down on his luck and love on Valentine’s Day. But not to worry: For every cloud, there’s a silver lining. “My worst day is the 14th of February,” the hero sings. “Well at least on the 15th all the candy will be on sale.” Same Milky Ways, same M&M’s, same Hershey’s Kisses—but at 50 percent off.  |  Westside Theatre Downstairs, 407 W. 43rd St., 212.239.6200

Taylor Mac has been naughty and nice this year. (©Little Fang)

For adults on Santa’s naughty list, here’s a stocking full of special treats: 

• The baroque “Nutcracker”: Burlesque meets circus meets ballet and opera in Company XIV’s erotic “Nutcracker Rouge.”

• “The Truth About Santa,” a dark comedy by Greg Kotis, blows the whistle on Kris Kringle. He’s not always Mr. Nice Guy.

• The holidays are definitely a drag when Jackie Beat, Shequida and stars from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” take to the cabaret stage at the Laurie Beechman Theatre.

• Nothing is sacred in “Taylor Mac’s Holiday Sauce,” the actor/playwright/performance artist/director/producer and 2017 MacArthur Fellow’s take on what often is a dysfunctional Yuletide season.