The Editor is IN

I see and sample a lot of skin-care products in my line of work. It’s a cushy job, but someone has to do it. And it always fascinates me to pick up on the vibe the manufacturer is broadcasting, the cosmetics karma so to speak . Some go for an aura of glitz and glamour – “selling hope in a jar”, as one industry exec (Estée Lauder, I believe) put it.

Whiskey and jazz. A pristine pairing of supremely complimentary pleasures. The two go together like milk and honey, yin and yang, Ella and Louie. Hand me a scotch on the rocks, if you will, and let the lady croon: Heaven...I'm in heaven. It's Thursday night and I step out of the office with this dynamite duo on my mind.

Talk about plot twists: As announced on Sept. 30, the curtain has come down before it ever went up on Rebecca, the on-again, off-again new Broadway musical (from Europe!) based on the Daphne du Maurier novel and Oscar-winning Alfred Hitchcock classic. So, if you were dreaming of going to Manderlay (much less returning to said English country house), fuhgedaboudit.

Enthusiasts of Essie, rejoice: The line of cunningly named nail polishes has opened its first salon to lovingly and luxuriously administer to fingers and toes. It’s a gleaming white space, decorated with blow-up photos of polish bottles on one wall and a rainbow-hued array of the real thing on the other. Guests sit on puffy, warm-hued couches—colored to match Essie shades—to receive a leisurely manicure. Services are priced a bit higher than at the usual neighborhood nail place, admittedly, but they do come with lots of nice extra touches.

Tick-tock: the clock hands turn and night descends upon New York City. Out come the night crawlers, the iconoclasts, the debonairly dressed and the dance-crazy dreamers. Hoards sick with Saturday night fever spill onto the streets looking to fulfill wanton desires. Suited gentleman hold open cab doors for ladies struggling to stride in heels too high.

This is not a review of the new Broadway musical Chaplin. It’s just my opinion, one among thousands of opinions floating out there in cyberspace. Do with it as you see fit. There was a time when I would sift through newspaper reviews the morning after opening night, using them to determine which shows I would (or would not) see.


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