Makeup Happy Hour

Makeup Happy Hour

The new Make Up For Ever store (Courtesy Make Up For Ever)

It’s an all-too-familiar scenario: Entranced by the season’s new shades and hues, you settle on a stool at your favorite makeup counter, and let the cosmetician wave her magic wand(s) over your face. A half-hour later, you drift home clutching your bag of transformative powders and potions, glosses and brushes…and a week later, you’ve forgotten how to use them all. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Make Up For Ever wants to ensure that never happens to you, or anyone, again. The French brand’s just-opened NYC flagship—black and white and red all over, with its lipsticked-mouth logo glittering on the walls­—features a bar , each kitted out with an illuminated mirror, similar to those in actors’ and models’ dressing rooms. A little conveyor belt circulates around the interior, carrying different cosmetic sets. You take one and, with the help of a staff artist, learn to apply the products, concealing and contouring, outlining and illuminating—all for maximum, professional-but-personalized effect.

Along with these individual Go Pro Makeup tutorials, the store offers 20-minute group classes twice a day (once on Sundays). Or, if you’re too cool for school, you can just shop and sample the wares. There’s a shelf featuring 40 foundation shades; a lip bar, with goodies unique to this Midtown Manhattan location; and a wall full the glitter powders and body paints that originally got folks buzzing about the brand back in 1980s Paris. You can make appointments to shape up those eyebrows too.

There’s no cost or obligation to buy anything, but we suspect you’ll want to—all the better to get started on your homework.

» Make Up For Ever, 731 Lexington Ave., 646.609.8999