The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

I thought I knew my size… I thought I knew what styles worked for my body… I thought I knew everything there was to know about my bras… until I stepped into a dressing room with Dee Binyard, a bra fit stylist, at the recently remodeled Intimacy lingerie store, and removed my top.  

It wasn’t that the bra I was wearing was wrong, Dee explained, just that we could do better. The smart, personable brunette tugged at my straps, asked me about “areas of concern,” and off she went to search for lingerie treasure back in the boutique. She came back with a bouquet of vibrant, lacy bras—most of which I never would have chosen for myself. As Dee helpedme try on a few so we could get the right size and shape, she explained to me how to get the most support (hint: it doesn’t usually involve tightening the straps), why lace can actually look smoother under a t-shirt than the stiff cups I was used to and how to properly wash and care for bras. I was rather shocked when Dee revealed my perfect size, as it was quite a bit larger than I was expecting, but she added that the European bras Intimacy stocks were sized differently than the American bras I was used to.

Then the fun began… slipping on the exquisite lace, watching the bright colors pop against my skin and narrowing down my choices with Dee’s confidence-boosting assistance. Shopping for bras was a feat I always dreaded, but not this time. For once, I actually felt I had choices beyond defaulting to whatever was the least uncomfortable. And the expert attention Intimacy bra stylists, who all undergo a rigorous training program, offered me goes unmatched in the lingerie stores I used to go to.

I left with a royal purple bra that lifts, supports and is so comfortable that it’s hard not to shun my old bras in the morning. Bras at Intimacy are generally a bit more expensive than I’m used to paying, but it is worth spending a bit more on the first garment you slip on in the morning. And since Dee recommends getting a fitting at least once a year (or more, if your body changes), I’ll be back—hopefully narrowing down my in-store wish list more quickly than it will inevitably grow.

>> Intimacy, 1252 Madison Ave., at E. 90th St., 212.860.8366