New York's Ultimate Natural Beauty Store

New York's Ultimate Natural Beauty Store

I admit it—I’m one of those rare unicorns whose skin stays naturally clean and clear, with very little maintenance. A single zit is considered a “breakout” in my world. So when my skin freaked out on a recent trip to the desert in Jordan, I was completely perplexed as to what I do. I won’t get into details, but let’s just say the combination of the harsh Middle Eastern sunshine, abrasive sand storms and bone-dry air left my skin parched and patchy. Synthetic products available at local drugstores I sought treatment from only stung and reddened my face. I was at a total loss.

How I wish I had visited Credo Beauty before my travels. The all-natural beauty and body products store, which recently branched out from its home base in San Francisco to a new location on Prince Street in New York, boasts a large selection of skincare products that moisturize and refresh, without using any harmful ingredients.

Credo is different than other beauty stores—every product they offer must pass a rigorous vetting process. The ingredients list cannot contain anything on Credo’s “Dirty” list, which includes animal byproducts, BPA, formaldehyde, and other substances that harm humans, animals, or the environment. As gross as some of them sound, these substances hide in common products you’ll find at any drugstore, department store makeup counters, and even Sephora. Credo also looks for products that are luxurious and beautifully packaged—not the hippy-ish, crunchy granola-inspired products you’ll find in the body-care department of a health-food store. Finally, Credo works with companies that have inspiring stories behind them, such as Plume, a lash-enhancing serum created by a woman who suffered significant hair and eyelash loss after giving birth to her first child. After enduring horrible side effects from pharmaceutical hair regrowth products, she created the Plume serum using all-natural ingredients to improve lash growth and keep the delicate skin on the eyelid safe.

Credo Beauty’s new NYC store exudes natural elegance with soft lighting, sustainable plants, a faux-marble counter and wooden displays for makeup, shampoo, skincare products, fragrances, candles and more. A helpful associate introduced me to dozens of brands, explaining how each product would improve my skin or give me the cosmetic style I crave. Hard-to-find brands, such as Rituel de Fille, Vapour and Lurk are all pleasantly displayed. Women who love that French-inspired “no-makeup” look will feel equally at home in Credo as cat-eyed, red-lipped ladies, such as myself. Men also have their choice of skincare products and fragrances, such as MCMC’s Dude No. 1 Beard Oil. Customers are welcome to sample any item in the store, or even take a small amount of certain products to try at home, free of charge.

The best part: most of the products in the store come in travel-size containers, making it easier than ever to pack a beauty kit that will keep your skin looking gorgeous in any climate. I’m not about to give up my beloved NARS lipsticks or Guerlain foundation any time soon, but Credo Beauty has me excited to start swapping out some of my more toxic cosmetics for natural alternatives. Before my next adventure, I’ll be loading up on Credo’s high-quality products to keep my skin glowing in every Instagram shot.

Credo Beauty, 9 Prince St., 917.675.6041