Bring the Family

Bring the Family

Whether you’re 5 or 50, who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Obviously, author Tatsuya Miyanishi has tapped into that universal fascination with his Tyrannosaurus series of books for young readers ages 5–7. More than 3 million copies have been sold in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and France. Dino fever, by way of Tatsuya Miyanishi, is about to hit NYC.

A reading of “I Want That Love,” the third book in the series to be published in English by Museyon, is set for this Sunday, Nov. 20 at 1 pm at Kinokuniya Books. The story, which will be read by the book’s editor, concerns a mighty (and mightily violent) T. rex, who thinks he can rampage his way through life, with little regard for others. When he suffers an injury to his tail, and several baby Triceratops come to his aid, he discovers that what he really wants is love. Tatsuya Miyanishi’s books, beautifully and boldly illustrated in color, deal with friendship and love, caring and connection. While the books entertain and amuse youngsters, they also gently instruct them in the ways of the world and impart valuable life lessons.

Activities and prizes follow the reading, making this an ideal Sunday afternoon outing for the family.

Check out the slide show below for pages from “I Want That Love” and two other books in the series, “You Look Yummy” and “You Are My Best Friend.”

Kinokuniya Books, 1073 Sixth Ave., 212.869.1700