Williamsburg Watering Hole

Williamsburg Watering Hole

Gavin Thomas, for nymag.com

NYC is the continental capital for ultra high-end nightlife experiences. Extravagance and excess are trademarks of our city's tippling culture, and the options are tantalizing—haute cocktails made by master mixologists, lounges furnished with seating upholstered in ostrich leather, table service underneath crystal chandeliers and late nights on packed, quaking dance floors.

Yes, fancy can be fun (thrilling, really) but, hell, sometimes you just want to kick back and drink cheap beer in a down 'n' dirty watering hole, you know?

Rosemary's Greenpoint Tavern, a cash-only dive bar steps from the Bedford L stop in Williamsburg (NOT Greenpoint, mind you!), is a breath of comfortingly musty air in city where chic usually takes precedence. It's kind of place you'd expect to see in small-town America:The relaxed, down-home vibe—a hair away from janky—makes the experience what it is.  A middle-aged, blue-collar crowd mingles with hip, plaid-clad Brooklyn youths in the cozy, dimly-lit space. Christmas lights and a slew of seasonal decorations dangle down from the ceiling, casting a faint glow on the red pleather booths and bar stools. Jukebox tunes put boogie in the bolder revelers' steps while over-the-hill bartenders (some could even be called "grandmother types") pour dirt cheap drinks with a "don't-expect-any-frills" attitude. When I say cheap, I mean cheap: 32 ounces of Bud, served in gargantuan styrofoam cups, go for an easy $4 a pop.

The joint may not be high-brow, but with rock-bottom prices, the spirits of the regulars couldn't be higher. Dive just got delightful. Cheers, kids.

» Rosemary's Greenpoint Tavern, 188 Bedford Ave., btw N. 6th & N. 7th sts., 718.384.9539