Scream Queens: HalloQueens, the MoMa PS1 Halloween Ball

Scream Queens: HalloQueens, the MoMa PS1 Halloween Ball


The freaks engulf New York on Halloween (as if the city wasn't filled with them every other day of the year). Shrieks of joy (terror?!) sound, and chill winds blow in the pumpkin-spice-scented air. Hoards of blood-thirsty monsters (or maybe they're just beer-thirsty) congregate in the Village for the annual halloween parade (Oct. 31, 7-10:30 p.m., along Sixth Ave., from Spring to W. 16th sts.).

But the nightlife crowd goes mad for HalloQueens!, the haunted exhibit/party hybrid produced by nightlife empress Susanne Bartsch, who's reigned over the city after-hours scene since the 1980s.  The event couples dark exhibits at MoMa PS1—this year from the illusory installations from Samara Golden's The Flat Side of the Knife to the group photo exhibition Zero Tolerance, which highlights oppression under draconian governments—with an all-out rager sensibility. DJs play beats, a costume competition is held and the dance bu (oh, the dancing) spreads through the guests like an epidemic. After midnight, the fun continues at a warehouse party (details below).

The host roster is weighty, including cabaret diamond Justin Vivian Bond, celebrity foodie Padma Lakshmi and Brooklyn's drag mama Merrie Cherry. 

You're encouraged to run with the royal theme, be you a Queen of Hearts or of the Night. So, dress the part. Extend your hand so the commoners can kiss it and, your majesty, assume the throne.

WHAT: Queer Halloween bash! MoMA PS1's HalloQueens! + Haunted WareHouse Afterparty.

WHERE + WHEN: MoMa PS1's HalloQueens!,22-25 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, Queens, OCTOBER 31, 8 p.m.-12 a.m.; Haunted Warehouse Party, Anabele Basin Warehouse, 4-40 44th Drive, Long Island City, Queens, OCTOBER 31st, 11 p.m.-4 a.m.

HOW MUCH: HallowQueens!, $15; HalloQueens! + Haunted Warehouse After Party, $30
Tickets availible here:

WHY?: Because it's the spooky season. Get freaky.


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