Saran Wrap

Saran Wrap

Chef-owner Sunir Saran

Since a Spring 2016 opening in the West Village, Tapestry has lived up to its name, weaving elements of the world’s cuisines into an artful New York experience. And why not? Sunir Saran, chef-owner, New Delhi native, heritage breed farmer and moving spirit, has international cred. He also has art school training and a résumé that includes three cookbooks, visibility on Food Network and Bravo, a Michelin star and chairing Asian Culinary Studies at CIA (Culinary Institute of America).

Witness the impact of his homeland on plates sent out by chef de cuisine Joel Corona: porridge of mung bean and basmati, chickpea paratha with dilled yogurt, a unique buffalo milk pasta with kale and chard, a Telicherry Gentleman’s steak au poivre and masala fried chicken with tomato chutney. Yet India inflects the dishes inspired by other cultures. Find Thailand in the Angry Crab with inked noodles and hot chilies, Persia in the Navroz eggplant bruschetta, Japan in the miso-sake sable with wilted greens and ginger, Taiwan in the hakka spice cauliflower and even North America in the grilled Concord quail with farro and cranberries.

Cool finishes have universal appeal, like the sundae of butterscotch ice cream, caramel popcorn, toffee, macadamia bark and flecks of gold.

Tapestry, 60 Greenwich Ave., 212.373.8900,