Sushi, My Way

Sushi, My Way

Seaweed salad, crunchy spicy tuna roll and salmon with avocado roll from Sushi Time.

Working in Midtown Manhattan, I took it for granted that I could find anything I wanted to eat for lunch. I mean, this is New York City! So, I have to admit, I was perplexed, when after several days of hunting the perimeters of West 45th Street, I was yet to find a quality sushi joint that offered brown rice rolls.

But alas, New York City is also the food delivery capital of the world, so an easy answer to my dilemma was a food delivery service. Being that I was somewhat in the dark about which sushi restaurants that deliver, and also offer brown rice rolls, and are considered exceptional, I simply went with the first "five star" rating that I found, from a place called Sushi Time. I admit, pretty kitschy name, but again, this is Midtown Manhattan, where both dollars from office lunchtime workers and visiting tourists are fierce.

I was happy to say that Sushi Time  delivered, in all ways. Not only was the 30 minute estimate delivery time dropped off, almost to the minute, in 30 minutes, the rolls—spicy crunchy tuna and salmon with avocado, both with brown rice—were plump, generous rolls, and the spicy tuna packed a real wallop of spice. The accompanying seaweed salad was fresh, and not overly-dressed, a great complement to the sushi rolls.

Since I tend to not take a break for lunch, and eat at my desk while typing away on my computer (I know, I know, terrible for the digestion), sushi—so easy to just pop into your mouth while editing!—really hits the spot for me. As did kitschy and satisfying Sushi Time!