Tatiana Pagés Launches Sustainable Jewelry Brand LAIO Art

Tatiana Pagés Launches Sustainable Jewelry Brand LAIO Art

A necklace from the LAIO Nespresso collection.

New York-based activist designer Tatiana Pagés is a busy woman, from creating art to working with women in prisons to opening her own gallery. I spoke with her briefly at her sustainable jewelry brand LAIO Art's pop-up exhibit last week in the Meatpacking District.

“LAIO” is the acronym for “once in a lifetime” spelled backward and represents Pagés’s truly unique jewelry. No two pieces in her three collections on display at the exhibit were the same.

The necklaces in her Origomu collection—which means “folding rubber” in Japanese—were created with six-pack rings. On Pagés website, you can donate rings for use in her workshops or create your own jewelry following her patterns. She encourages others to “join the movement and learn how to transform waste into beautiful artwear.”

Necklaces from the Origomu collection.

Her two other collections were also created with recycled elements: paper for Illiterate Paper and espresso pods for LAIO Nespresso. Walking through the exhibit, I also noticed a few soda can tabs in the necklaces and bubble wrap “carpet” leading into the room.

Supplementing Pagés’s work was a collection of rosaries made by incarcerated women from her workshops. Pagés visits prisons around the world to teach jewelry-making using recycled materials.

Pagés’s goal is to “help the planet” and she seems to be doing a great job so far. In addition to promoting recycling, 60% of the proceeds from her work will be donated to AID FOR AIDS.

Tatiana Pagés (left) with Thomas Schutte, President of Pratt Institute. (© Michelle Cassis)

Even after the launch of LAIO, Pagés isn’t planning to rest anytime soon. Next on her agenda is the opening of an art gallery for emerging artists in her Harlem neighborhood. She explained that the sign for the gallery’s window was printed incorrectly, so she used it to create the necklace and bracelets she was wearing that evening.

Find out more at laioart.com and tatianapagesgallery.com.

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