New Fall & Winter 2015 Collections from Swatch

New Fall & Winter 2015 Collections from Swatch

Although it’s still summer, it’s never too soon to start thinking about fall and winter fashion. And, of course, that includes accessories. Enter Swatch. The brand—known for its cool timepieces—recently debuted its Fall and Winter offerings, and those on the lookout for snazzy new watches are in luck, as the company has plenty of ultra-cool timekeepers to go around.

The Fall Collections
The new collections include the sleek Tech-Mode, featuring the masculine TEXT-URE and BUCHETTI styles, as well as the MULTI BROSS for those who are all about orange.

Watches in the brand’s Sport Mixer collection are great for those that want to make a statement, as its styles include the misprinted A COTÉ and DE TRAVERS. CAMORANGE, CAMOVERT and CAMOJAUNE feature neon-camouflage combos; while HAPPY DOTS is a new take on the Scuba with a playful polka-dot pattern of pink, blue and yellow. BEE-DROID and DARKONY feature handy stopwatch functions and STRETCH includes a kaleidoscope of color.

A shout out to the brand’s Swiss heritage comes in the form of the GRÜEZI ALL collection, which launches in August. This collection includes: MOITIÉ-MOITIÉ, a fun take on cheese fondue—the famous Swiss dish; the chocolaty SCHOGGI; GORNERGRAT, reminiscent of a ski-weekend in the Alps, featuring a cozy knit sweater and cap design; and DIE GLOCKE and MUUU, which tell the story of Switzerland’s countryside.

The Winter Collections
Launching in September, the EXOTIC CHARM collection features: BLUE POETRY, with a serene white and blue bohemian design; BREATHE; SHANTARAM in vibrant hues; MARMORA VERDE, for those that love green; MARMOR, inspired by that cracked look and smooth feel of marble; and UNCINETTO, TRICOTIME and CENTRINO—each with their own hippie look.

The Street Energy collection includes LOVE WALL, with graffiti-style flair; CLOCKWISE in an eye-catching color scheme; and the ‘90s-inspired WHEN-EVER.  

The Après-Ski collection launches in November with such must-have offerings as   TINKLE WINKLE and BOULE D’OR for wintertime glamour; CHALKBOARD LOVE and SNOW BAR, reminiscent of a snowy day; and TUTTO PELO.

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Featured Photos: Tech-Mode; Grüezi All



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