Find the Best in Men’s Fashion at ISAIA

Find the Best in Men’s Fashion at ISAIA

From the ISAIA Aqua series (Courtesy ISAIA)

Italy is one of the most fashionable and fashion-forward countries in the world. When in New York City, you can find some of Italy’s best looks at ISAIA, the upscale apparel store that houses impeccably crafted menswear and accessories.

ISAIA, founded in Naples in the 1920s, is named for Enrico Isaia, who had a fabric store where the city’s tailors would get their materials. A modest workshop adjacent to his store evolved into a high-end tailoring company, producing sought-after clothing. The brand earned global recognition in the 1980s, bringing distribution to major world cities including Tokyo, Moscow, Milan, Los Angeles and New York City, among others. All items are still manufactured in Italy to ensure that everything is of the utmost quality. The recognizable sprig of red coral logo is considered a bearer of good luck.

Along with off-the-rack items that can be purchased at the store and online, you can make an appointment with a tailor to customize the fit of the clothes, in addition to choosing embellishments that add a little extra something to your look. Clothes that fit well not only look great, but give you added confidence that you are presenting your best self to yourself, as well as the rest of the world. There are seven styles of suits, each creating a smart silhouette. ISAIA also boasts a catalog of traditionally tailored button-down shirts available in eye-catching colors and varying dress-level options (be it for every day or a lavish event).

ISAIA has a line of clothes called the Aqua series, created with innovative water resistant materials that not only look and feel luxurious, but get minimal wrinkles in them, so they are great pieces to bring with you when you travel. The line has Aqua cashmere, Aqua wool and even Aqua tuxedos, among other fashionable pieces!

The Fall/Winter Collection for 2016-2017 includes tailored suits, fitted sports jackets in cool earth tones and plaid patterns, suede outerwear, elegant overcoats, cozy sweaters, slimming denim pants, patterned button-down shirts, and more. 

If you’re looking for a great holiday gift for that special guy in your life, ISAIA is a solid choice. From tops and pants to blankets, leather accessories and trendy ties, there is something at ISAIA for everyone. 

When in New York City, visit ISAIA at 819 Madison Ave. (btw E. 68th & E. 69th sts.; 212.262.6798). Or, visit the brand online any time by clicking here.

(Courtesy ISAIA)

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