A Blast from the Past at The Family Jewels Vintage Clothing

A Blast from the Past at The Family Jewels Vintage Clothing

Ask anyone who knows me and they will confidently tell you that I am a big fan of vintage clothing. Not that I have a problem with today’s fashion trends; but, I often find frocks from decades past to be worthwhile alternatives due to their wide-ranging silhouettes (a pretty big plus for us curvy girls), substantial textiles and interesting patterns. NYC is teeming with vintage clothing outposts—offering everything from over-the-top getups more commonly seen as Halloween costumes, to whimsical everyday wear. In Chelsea, you can find a bit of both at The Family Jewels Vintage Clothing.

I first visited the quirky store a few years ago when my brother—also a fan of vintage duds—was in town for a visit. I recently went back to see the store’s current offerings, which include a hodgepodge of clothing and accessories for both men and women from the turn of the century to the early 1980s (think 1920s flapper dresses, gossamer gowns from the ‘30s, men’s suites from the ‘40s and ‘50s and more).

I was particularly impressed with the shop’s collection of hats—perfect for rainy autumn weather—and colorful kimonos, great pieces to spice up any basic outfit.

If you’re like me and feel the need to travel back in time on occasion, head to The Family Jewels Vintage Clothing, where almost a century’s worth of options are at your fingertips.       


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