Pops of Color at DTR Modern Galleries

Pops of Color at DTR Modern Galleries

This past weekend, I spent a leisurely Sunday afternoon exploring downtown Manhattan and ended up on very busy section of West Broadway, teeming with art galleries, small shops packed with oddities, and plenty of vendors selling rough canvases, depicting abstract works, on the bustling street.

A Robert Mars unique, mixed media work featuring neon depicting an image of Kate Moss was prominently displayed in the gallery window of DTR Modern Galleries and its vivid colors, paired with striking images of the 90’s “It Girl,” is what drew me to the space.

Inside, the gallery currently has several colorful works by a handful of internationally known artists hanging on its walls, including more from Mars, featuring additional important icons such as Playboy images and Jackie O; a number of limited edition woodcut prints from Damien Hirst’s famous 2010 “Spots” series, along with unusual and unique paintings and drawings by Hirst—as well as a very large “3D Skull ,” a moving lenticular work (the first of its kind by Hirst) and a very important piece; a valuable screenprint of James Dean by Andy Warhol; an abstract blue stainless steel sculpture, reminiscent of Rodin’s “The Thinker” by Rainer Lagemann; and pop art paintings by Toni Sanchez.

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