Metro Pictures Displays John Miller Exhibition

Metro Pictures Displays John Miller Exhibition

Metro Pictures, a NYC art gallery founded in 1980 has been working with artist John Miller since 1984. I recently stopped by Metro to check out his 14th exhibition with the gallery, “Here In The Real World,” which opened January 10 and runs through February 14.

John Miller’s “Here in the Real World” installation, 2015. (©Metro Pictures, New York)

The show begins with a series of hyper-realistic black and white paintings of pedestrians, which are nearly life-size. These photograph-like works are similar in their candid style to paparazzi shots and are cut down to just the figures’ silhouettes, but made 3D using foam. Next is a set of reality TV stars either crying or appearing visibly sad. Some paintings in this second set use the 3D effects of the pedestrian series, creating several layers.

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