Group Show Slip at Mitchell-Innes & Nash Showcases Seven Artists

Group Show Slip at Mitchell-Innes & Nash Showcases Seven Artists

"Star Trap (with Bird of Paradise)" by Alex Da Courte (Courtesy of the artist and Jose Sheftel Gallery)

Last week, I visited the Chelsea location of Mitchell-Innes & Nash to view Slip, a group show of seven contemporary artists. The exhibition is open now through July 25th and was curated by gallery director Bridget Finn. Finn showed me around the space and talked about how the pieces relate to the theme of alternate realities and slipping between worlds.

"Untitled" by Michael E. Smith (Courtesy of the artist and Clifton Benevento)

Michael E. Smith, an artist Finn has known since college, has a few pieces in the show including a pair of PVC pipes, which have been heated so Smith could insert clarinets into them. The effect is two bone-like pieces, which made me curious about their creation. Finn explained that in organizing this show, she sought out pieces specifically to provoke that type of reaction. She wanted to showcase art that make the viewer “feel a need to engage with the work” and “investigate how it’s made.” Another of Smith’s pieces is a found object: a naturally mummified cat, which Finn and Smith estimate is about 40 years old.

Like Smith’s pieces, many of the other works that make up Slip feature unique materials. Graham Collins’s multi-dimensional “Unsub XI” and “Unsub XII” are comprised of spray-painted canvas covered with a layer of glass that has been affixed with vinyl window tint. The tint is purposefully applied to create bubbles and breaks so different angles give the viewer a variety of ways to look at, behind and through the first layer.

Some of the works are more literal in their message, Finn explained, like Alex Da Corte’s “Star Trap (with Bird of Paradise).” This piece is made up of a rug placed on the gallery floor with a panel cut out like a trap door and a bird of paradise flower lying near the opening—as if it is slipping through from one world to another.

"Unsub XII" by Graham Collins (Courtesy of the artist and The Journal Gallery)

Mitchell-Innes & Nash works with artists of many ages, groups and points in their career—from established to emerging artists. Founders Lucy Mitchell-Innes and David Nash previously worked with Sotheby’s and specialize in contemporary, impressionist and modern art.

Coming up for Mitchell-Innes & Nash is a dual-gallery exhibition featuring New York-based artist Justine Kurland. At the Chelsea location, Sincere Auto Care, a show comprising Kurland’s latest works, will be on display. The Madison Avenue location will showcase works that articulate Kurland’s point of view. “This is the first time [we will be] using both spaces in tandem,” Finn said.

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