Magic is Real? Mentalist Oz Pearlman Will Make You a Believer

Magic is Real? Mentalist Oz Pearlman Will Make You a Believer

Courtesy iPic Entertainment

I’ve never believed in magic or psychics. I’m a church kid that was taught that magic was of the devil and should be cast out with holy water. Lol. So when I was invited to witness world-renowned entertainer and mentalist Oz Pearlman (as seen on America's Got Talent, The Today Show, ESPN, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) perform in Truth be Told an evening of mentalism presented by the iPic theater at the Seaport District, I wasn’t thrilled.  As aforementioned, I’m not big on “magic” and was prepared to be bored and leave early.


As part of the package, I was given VIP access for a private one-on-one experience with Oz in a secret room behind a bookcase at the Tuck Room, a speakeasy-style bar/lounge located beneath the movie theater. Now that was dope. I love a secret bar and this intimate room was dimly lit with vintage decor. I was handed a complimentary cocktail—from a small bar covered in beakers bubbling with liquid nitrogen, infusion, bitters and various alcohols stacked beautifully.  Oz gave me and a small group a little pre-show that was mind-blowing. He was able to guess the location of one guest’s vacation she took a year ago as well as the first name of her travel companion. He also asked me to write down a funny story of a pet I had as a child and told me to fold the piece of paper, show no one and keep it in my pocket.


During the Truth Be Told 90-minute interactive show, I tried to stay skeptical. I tried to figure out how he could possibly guess what six people in the room were thinking at the same time, or how he could guess the serial number of a dollar bill someone had been sitting on the entire show. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. He called me on stage asked me a few simple questions, and guessed that when I was nine, my cat Frisky, had jumped on my dining table and stolen a rump roast meant for our dinner. HOW?? This was before the internet or social media—that information isn’t ANYWHERE. I could no longer remain skeptical. Oz Pearlman is insane and I had a blast! People came up to me after show asking if I was in league with the mentalist somehow (I was not).


Do not miss the opportunity to experience Oz Pearlman. I’m so serious. The show is completely booked for January, but there are still tickets available for Feb. 2nd, 9th, 16th and 22nd. The show begins at 7:30 pm doors open at 6:45 pm. I recommend arriving before showtime to place food and beverage orders. Ordering will not be available during the show.


Admission is restricted to guests over 10 years of age.


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