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Steven Prescod in “A Brooklyn Boy”

I love when live theater gets small—and what I mean by that, is I have a great affection for slice-of-life stories about ordinary human beings struggling to find some sort of credible existence. And, being a New Yorker (and born and raised in Brooklyn), stories that take place in this city are particularly riveting to me.

Hence, “A Brooklyn Boy.” This autobiographical play, which can be seen at the East Village Playhouse, is just that kind of story. Steven Prescod, who wrote the play and acts in it as well, was born in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn to a mother from Grenada and a father from Guyana. When Steven was barely a toddler, his father was put in jail, thus propelling young Prescod into a swirl of relatives who came and went in his house throughout his childhood. Despite attempts to stay “straight,” incidents in Steven’s life as a teenager cause his arrest, which ultimately leads to a seven-year jail term.

What happens as a result of this incident is what you find out when you see this deft, intelligently written play, which was directed and co-written by Moises Roberto Belizario. Prince William, who saw an excerpt of the show through The CityKids Foundation, called it “inspirational.” We know why.


>> “A Brooklyn Boy,” East Village Playhouse, 340 E. 6th St., 212.925.3320, thru April 28, 2018

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