Cleopatra: A Reimagined Pop Music Experience

Cleopatra: A Reimagined Pop Music Experience

The charisma of Beyoncé, the influence of Oprah and the wealth of Melinda—one woman had it all first: Cleopatra. A new Off-Broadway show called Cleopatra- The New Pop Experience has hit the stage this month for 12 performances only. This show has been in development for four years and finally made its debut September 21st. Cleopatra- The New Pop Experience presents a new perspective with a unique mash-up of theater, pop music and dance.


Courtesy of Nathaniel Hill

The 90-minute production takes place in Cleopatra’s palace where she's throwing one of her legendary parties to celebrate Egypt's latest triumph over Rome, and the audience is invited to indulge. But outside the city walls, the alluring Marc Antony beckons, the nefarious Octavian lurks, and enemies plot her dynasty's end. Set to a high-octane pop and EDM (electronic dance music) score, this immersive piece gives history's most mysterious ruler the final word. Stay after the show for a dance party complete with a bar in the theater. All tickets are $18. Please note: This production has no intermission or coat check.

>>Theater For The New City, 155 First Ave., 646.838.0749


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