Last night, I got to try a variety of French-influenced American dishes at Alison Eighteen. The Flatiron District eatery, which rests on W. 18th Street, has the feel of a French brasserie with a deep purple and red color scheme, illustrated wallpaper featuring city scenes and cozy, warm lighting.

My father is a foodie, so when he came for a visit a few weeks ago, I racked my brain trying to think of NYC restaurants he might enjoy. As I thought of famed chefs, one name instantly came to mind: Gordon Ramsay. The world-famous chef is known for his no-nonsense personality—which is placed front and center on a number of reality TV shows, where he takes professional chefs and restaurateurs to task on their food and business practices.

This past weekend my Dad came to town for a visit. Our go-to restaurant of choice whenever he’s in New York City is Bar Americain near Radio City Music Hall.

My first three years in New York City I spent living in Marble Hill—a small neighborhood located in the Bronx, right across the Hudson River from Manhattan’s northernmost neighborhood, Inwood. Similar to both Inwood and the other northern Manhattan neighborhood, Washington Heights, a large portion of Marble Hill’s residents are Dominican.

Last night, I went to an event at Little King Jewelry, which was catered by Café Español. During the event, the space was filled with the heavenly smell of the Spanish rice dish paella. Guests were able to choose from a vibrant seafood or chicken and sausage version, and I opted for the latter.

The best thing about living in New York City is anything and everything you could imagine is only one quick Google search away. On a warm Saturday night a few weeks ago, a friend and I found ourselves in the mood for a good margarita to go along with the nice weather.

After seven years of living in this metropolis, I am still surprised by the sheer amount of creativity bar and restaurant owners put into their establishments—from high-tech gadgetry, like menus on iPads, to booze served in teacups and era-themed watering holes.

Food festivals are a thing to be celebrated. I mean, delicious food all in one place—who can argue with that? During my time in New York, I’ve been to a few, including Whole Foods Market New Taste of the Upper West Side. When I went last year, the festive event was held under a large tent—complete with appetizing smells and eager attendees waiting to dig in to a number of dishes, from ribs and sliders to bacon cookies and corn dogs.

Most movie theaters offer overly buttered popcorn and fountain drinks at the concession stands; however, at Williamsburg’s Nitehawk Cinema, moviegoers can enjoy a full meal with beer and cocktails from the lobby bar.


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