Toriko NY Brings Elevated Yakitori to Greenwich Village

Toriko NY Brings Elevated Yakitori to Greenwich Village

Grilled lobster with bouillabaisee (Courtesy Toriko NY)


Yakitori. This Japanese type of skewered chicken involves skewering the meat with kushi, a type of skewer typically made of steel, bamboo, or similar materials. Toriko NY introduces its concept on the cuisine at its first U.S. location in Greenwich Village.  


I was greeted by a welcoming serving staff and Sous Chef Irene Sy, who previously worked with Masaharu Morimoto preparing all the fresh ingredients for the yakitori menu. Toriko NY is still first and foremost a Japanese izakaya specializing in yakitori. The best way to experience the menu is through the omakase (10 skewers of the chef’s choice) or Toriko courses (9 skewers of the chef’s choice) served only at the Chef’s counter at the center of the dining room. Also, the “Anniversary Tasting” menu is available until 9/22 and offers a 13-course experience including grilled lobster with bouillabaisse, roasted duck breast and wagyu sushi. Come hungry. 


If the tasting menu option is not your thing, you can still enjoy an a la carte experience with a number of seafood dishes highlighted including smoked red shrimp with caviar, King Crab, marinated King Salmon topped with sesame seeds and Kyoto miso, and Hokkaido Scallop topped with seaweed. TO make sure every dietary preference is honored, Toriko now features a la carte vegan dishes such as fried tofu with porcini sauce and a variety of non-chicken skewers (kushiyaki). Make sure to check out the global wine list featuring light whites and reds carefully selected to pair well with chicken and balance the salt and character of the meat and vegetables. They also have a variety of sakes by the glass, carafe or bottle as well as new signature Japanese-inspired cocktails. 

Roasted duck breast (Courtesy Toriko NY)


What I loved most about the experience was the beautiful presentation of each dish. Every one was a delectable piece of art. Everything on the plate was colorful and strategically placed in perfect balance. I tried to take pictures of every dish, but it was all so delicious I couldn’t wait to dive in. And, of course, local ingredients always elevates the quality and flavor of a cuisine and Toriko NY sources the finest free-range all-natural Heritage chickens, which is rendered and delivered to the restaurant from an upstate New York farm daily.


Can’t make it for dinner? No problem! Come in for Lunch and try one of two ramen bowls: the Toriko Wonton Shio Ramen with housemade chicken wontons, steamed chicken breast, seasoned egg, yuzu peel, bamboo shoots and daikon radish sprouts in a chicken broth; and Black Garlic Paitan Ramen with steamed chicken breast, black garlic oil, spinach, bamboo shoots in chicken broth, served with spicy minced chicken Soboro on the side. Make is a combo platter with a choice of ramen and a small Soboro or Oyako Don rice bowl.


Make a reservation today at Toriko NY and help them celebrate one year in the Village by indulging in the Anniversary Tasting menu this month until Sep 22! 


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