Top 7 Spots to Celebrate National Chocolate Cupcake Day

Top 7 Spots to Celebrate National Chocolate Cupcake Day

Classic Chocolate Cupcake (Courtesy Billy's Bakery)

Of all the different styles that cake can come in, cupcakes are my favorite. And it just so happens that today, October 18, is National Chocolate Cupcake Day! Here are some top-notch bakeries from around town where you can indulge in some decadent chocolate cupcakes. (Please note that not all flavors are always available daily, as some bakeries have a rotating menu.) 

Billy’s Bakery (Central Park South, Chelsea, Tribeca): Founded by two friends, classic American treats are baked from scratch each day to bring customers fresh sweets. Chocolate cupcakes available are Classic Chocolate and German Chocolate.

Georgetown Cupcake (SoHo): Co-founded by two sisters in Washington, D.C., this cupcake franchise has expanded to five other cities, including NYC—and they also ship cupcakes nationwide. Chocolate cupcakes (made with Valrhona chocolate) available daily are Chocolate2, Double Milk Chocolate Birthday, Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate & Vanilla, Chocolate Birthday and a choice of four colorful frostings on a chocolate cupcake. There are also a range of daily and monthly specials. October-specific chocolate cupcakes are Chocolate Ghost, Chocolate Toffee Spider Web, Midnight Cookies and Crème and Haunted Chocolate Cheesecake.

Molly’s Cupcakes (West Village): With locations in Chicago, Iowa City and NYC, this franchise donates a portion of the profits to schools in their communities. Cupcakes are made fresh in small batches daily and there are always center-filled cupcakes to be enjoyed. (I tend to stop in here whenever I see an Off-Broadway show in the neighborhood… these ceneter-filled cupcakes are no joke.) In addition to the classic Chocolate cupcake, daily center-filled chocolate cupcakes are The Ron Bennington (peanut butter filling), Chocolate Mousse, Kahlua, Cookies-N-Cream and Flourless Molten Cake (dulce de leche ganache filling).

Car Bomb (Courtesy Prohibition Bakery)

Prohibition Bakery (Lower East Side): Known as “New York City’s original alcoholic cupcake company,” Prohibition Bakery bakes booze into many of their offerings. Chocolate-based cupcakes are the Car Bomb (whiskey, Bailey’s, stout and chocolate) and For the Love of Bacon (bacon, bittersweet chocolate and toffee—alcohol free).

Magnolia (six NYC locations): This purveyor of classic American baked goods was famously featured on the HBO show “Sex and the City” as well as name-dropped in the “Saturday Night Live” digital short, “Lazy Sunday.” The Chocolate cupcake is served daily, while there is a selection of specialty cupcakes offered as well, depending on the month. Those flavors include Devil’s Food, German Chocolate, Sno-Cap, Truffle and Flourless Chocolate.

Sweet Revenge (West Village): This cupcake, beer and wine bar—that also offers other baked goods, as well as breakfast, lunch, small plates and brunch—offers up the perfect pairings of sweets and booze. In addition to the signature Dirty cupcake (Valrhona chocolate cake with dark chocolate truffle), chocolate cake-based artisan cupcakes include the Black & Tan (Young’s double chocolate stout cake base), Fleur de Sel (with a salted caramel center), German Colada (filled with caramelized pecans and shredded coconut), Mayan Chocolate (cinnamon chocolate cake and frosting), Merry Mint, Noir et Blanc (flourless Valrhona chocolate fudge cake) and the Not So Dirty (Valrhona chocolate cake with milk chocolate ganache).

Empire Cake (Chelsea): This gourmet bakery offers a variety of goodies including custom-designed cakes. Cupcakes with chocolate cake bases are Salted Caramel (filled with salted caramel), Peanut Butter, Mocha Latte, Cookies & Cream, German Chocolate (filled with a coconut-pecan mixture), Chocolate Malt, Chocolate on Chocolate, Brooklyn Blackout (filled with chocolate pudding), Vanilla on Chocolate and Gluten-Free Chocolate.

Brooklyn Blackout cupcake from Empire Cake (©Brian Kennedy)

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