The Most Instagrammable Dishes in NYC Right Now

The Most Instagrammable Dishes in NYC Right Now

©Jenna Day

“Phone Eats First,” has become a standard motto of this generation, with dining destinations (at times) selected based solely on "Instagrammability". It’s hard to resist snapping a quick pic before digging in when everybody wants to have their followers feeling #foodenvy. I'm definitely guilty of letting my food get cold to get the best shot. My friends know not to touch their food until I've taken a picture lest they get yelled at publicly—just kidding (not really). I know I'm not the only foodie out there that appreciates the beauty of a great meal. That’s why we've rounded up images of the dishes with the most Instagram likes from a variety of NYC restaurants, including the famous cacio e pepe at Antica Pesa, churro s’moresat Boqueria, the upside peppie at Upside Pizza and more. 


Cacio e Pepe - Antica Pesa



Churro Smores - Boqueria



Fish Cheeks Tom Yum Soup



Adjaruli- Chama Mama



Upside Peppie- Upside Pizza



Hand Roll Tower- ROLLN



KBBQ - Grand Seoul



Shoo Shoo Breakfast - Shoo Sho


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