Southern Hotspot Root & Bone is Exploring New Flavors This September

Southern Hotspot Root & Bone is Exploring New Flavors This September


Deviled Oysters (Courtesy Root & Bone)


I’m a huge fan of Bravo TV's megahit “Top Chef.” I get so invested in each contestant and try and follow my favs as their careers continue to bloom long after the show. Season 11 alum, Chef Janine Booth and season five alum Chef Jeff Mcinnis opened the incredibly popular Southern food joint in the East Village and I frequent there just for its ridiculously juicy fried chicken. But starting September 1,  the hotspot will be adding a new component to its menu—Monthly Regional Specials. Each month, it will be focusing on one Southern region and time period, and adding new dishes from that region and period.


The new September special kicks off with some Gasparilla classics from the west coast of Florida in the late 1800’s. All recipes are from the 1961 Gasparilla Cookbook, written by the junior league of Tampa. Each week of September, the following regional dishes will be available


WEEK 1 (Sep 3-7)

  • Appetizer: Fried Alligator with bollitos-la florida, or black eyed pea dip

  • Entree: Ham Jambalaya

WEEK 2 (Sep 10-14)

  • Appetizer: Deviled Oysters baked in the shell with herb hollandaise

  • Entree: Green Pepper Steak with traditional Florida sauce)

WEEK 3 (Sep 17-21)

  • Appetizer: Shrimp Salad Special served in lettuce cups

  • Entree: Fillet of Stripped Bass Amandine

WEEK 4 (Sep 24-28)

  • Appetizer: King Gasparilla XLVII Salad with Romaine, Bacon, Bresaola, and Blue cheese dressing

  • Entree: Armstrong Shrimp Creole

DESSERT - All Month Long

  • Sunshine Island, or Orange cake with orange frosting

Fried Alligator (Courtesy Root & Bone)


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