National Coffee Day is Officially Here

National Coffee Day is Officially Here

FIKA (©Daniele Teodor/@datteo1)

Though I have never had a cup of coffee in my entire life, I salute you—coffee enthusiasts—and wish you a Happy National Coffee Day!

To celebrate your flavorful brewed beverage, I asked my coffee-loving Where® IN New York colleagues where their favorite spots in the city are to grab a hot (or cold) cup of joe. Here are some of their recommendations:

FIKA (various locations): With over a dozen spots around Manhattan, FIKA is a Swedish chain that takes its coffee and desserts seriously—the Tribeca location is an actual chocolate factory and the other desserts are made fresh daily in-house. FIKA uses 100% Arabica beans that are sourced from around the world and then roasted in Brooklyn using a traditional Swedish method that ensures the coffee isn’t bitter.

Associate Editor Joni Sweet frequents the FIKA near our office. “Their cold-brew ice coffee packs a serious caffeine kick and beats anything you’ll find at Starbucks. I often treat myself to FIKA’s cardamom buns—subtly sweet, super cardamom-y and the softest, most buttery pastry dough around. The best part is that their genuinely friendly staff keeps the line moving during the morning rush.”

(Courtesy Housing Works Bookstore Cafe)

Housing Works Bookstore & Cafe (SoHo): Staffed by volunteers, this bookstore and café is a cozy spot where people can grab a drink and pick up some reading materials. The money goes toward providing housing, medical, prevention and support services to people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in New York. In addition to the bookstore and cafe, there are a dozen Housing Works Thrift Shops throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn with the same mission. 

Webmaster Lynn Rickert used to volunteer here and still enjoys the atmosphere. “I have so many [coffee spots]… but my favorite is Housing Works Bookstore & Cafe because it has got great coffee (Intelligentsia) AND you’re donating to a good cause. My go-to order is a café au lait because I like my milk frothy.”

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters (six Manhattan locations and The Loft where people can take classes): Founded in Gramercy Park two decades ago by two college friends (David Elwell and Steve Leven), the carefully sourced coffee is roasted north of the city in Millerton, NY. The Loft offers an array of courses where professionals and coffee newbies alike can learn such things as Latte Art, Barista Fundamentals, Advanced Espresso and more.

Director of Client Services Maria Pavlovets likes that Irving Farm just opened a location on the Upper East Side. “I get a croissant and coffee with whole milk. Their coffee is strong and very tasty.”

Nespresso Boutique & Cafe (Upper East Side): There are five Nespresso Boutiques in NYC, but only one that is also a café. This international chain sells its coffee and all the makers and accessories needed to brew your own cup at home or the office. But when you want to grab a fresh cup your favorite Nespresso flavor and snag a salad, sandwich, mini quiches or assorted desserts, this is the spot to visit.

Editor-in-Chief Lois Levine says, “I am a huge fan of the uptown Nespresso store, not just for the pods but also for their yummy coffee and food at the cafe in front.” 

Publisher Adeline Tafuri Jurecka seconded Levine’s sentiments. “Nespresso is yum. I ate there a couple weeks ago and had a delicious iced latte macchiato!”

Go forth and celebrate your special day! Whether you order your usual or opt to try something new, enjoy your coffee.

(I’ll be over here at my desk with my cup of tea waiting patiently for January 2017… National Hot Tea Month.)

Irving Farm Upper East Side location (©Gracie Pizzo)

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