Innovative Menu Items on Offer at Harlow

Innovative Menu Items on Offer at Harlow

Harlow is an upscale restaurant located in the heart of Midtown East. Besides having an amazing menu selection, a tempting raw bar, and the best bathrooms I have seen in any establishment in the city thus far, Harlow is also a go-to location for many a birthday celebration, wedding reception, and, as of last year, the chosen Fashion Media Awards’ venue. The space is amazingly versatile and the aura of the restaurant is bewitchingly romantic. But don’t let all of this fancy talk keep you from planning a meal there; after having enjoyed a night at the location and speaking with the extremely friendly and informed staff, I realized that Harlow is a place I want to visit again.

Harlow is surprisingly new to the restaurant game, having opened its doors a short two years ago. The location also attracts a youthful after-work crowd on the lookout for a good happy hour, chic trendsetters in search of good vibes, and even families looking for a delicious meal to share together. Talk about a place that meets all of Midtown’s needs.

On the food front, Harlow keeps it fresh and innovative through the use of local and organic ingredients to whip up creative cuisine with Korean and Mediterranean flavors. And, after having tried the restaurant’s signature lamb meatballs, I realized that Harlow is in the food game for all the right reasons. Not just any old recipe, the lamb meatballs were wonderfully seasoned with hints of mint, a spicy bite, and then drenched in a chunky marinara sauce. If you are looking for something light to pair with the dish, opt for Harlow’s famous baby beets salad—a non-traditional chopped salad, sans the greens but with plenty of mouthwatering goodness to make up for it.

The Five Spice Chicken bites were a crunchy sweet and sour delight, while the mac and cheese balls were the perfect vegetarian replacement for meatballs. I’m actually a bit mad at myself for never having thought of making this before—especially after I dressed up these delectable morsels in the devilishly rich and creamy cheese sauce. Although I didn’t get to have a go at it, I did hear plenty about the restaurant’s raw bar. Beautifully decorated, the raw bar is famous for its Kimchi Hamachi Crudo, and I can’t wait to go back and try it.

Remember when I mentioned that the restaurant uses local and organic ingredients? Well, that means many of the items currently on the menu will be gone soon. What’s the good thing about a seasonal kitchen? There will be so many new things to try! I’m excited to return to Harlow and really curious to see what delectable ideas the staff comes up with next.


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