Healthy Eats at Nature’s Grill

Healthy Eats at Nature’s Grill

When I have a busy schedule, my eating habits are sporadic. Too tired to slave over the stove, I normally grad takeout during the week. When 9 p.m. rolls around and I’m craving salty, greasy comfort food, I fight the urge and order from my go-to, health-focused restaurant of choice, Nature’s Grill.

With three locations in Brooklyn, including the flagship down the street from my Bay Ridge apartment, Nature’s Grill offers gym rats, dieters and everyone else hearty fare sans the guilt.

Founders Dimitrios and Anastasios Verteouris opened their Bay Ridge restaurant in 2001 and its popularity quickly reached the rest of the borough. Over subsequent years, the brothers have opened outposts in Caesar’s Bay as well as casually cool Cobble Hill. Although the layout of each location differs (the Bay Ridge outpost is pretty narrow but evokes a cozy feel), they all have in common a menu that teems with healthy fare that actually has flavor.

As I’ve mentioned, I often order from the restaurant, so I feel pretty confident in saying that everything is good. From the organic bison burger with non-fat mozzarella and the savory low-sodium split pea soup (perfect on those chilly nights) to the large salads full of fresh ingredients and the protein-packed entrées with grilled chicken and steamed veggies, I have never been disappointed in my order.

If you are traveling to Brooklyn, you won’t find a shortage of worthwhile places to dine. If you want a satisfying meal that’s flavorful and healthy, check out Nature’s Grill. 


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