Happy National Beer Lover's Day!

Happy National Beer Lover's Day!

In honor of September 7 being National Beer Lover’s Day, here are the types of places where you can enjoy beer all around NYC.

(Courtesy Loreley Beer Garden)


Beer Garden – A beer garden is a designated outdoor area where beer—traditionally served in 1-liter glass beer mugs—and food are served, often at long tables meant for communal seating. These types of hangouts originated in Munich in the 19th century and have caught on in the rest of the world more recently. There are a number of beer gardens in NYC, such as Loreley Beer Garden (Lower East Side). Loreley imports its beer from Germany and serves German-style comfort foods including Wiener schnitzel, large pretzels, cheese spätzle and potato pancakes. 

Beer Hall – This kind of establishment is a large, indoor pub that features beer. Beer halls usually sit a large number of people at communal tables, like beer gardens. NYC has over a dozen beer halls, though the only one I’ve been to so far is Spritzenhaus33 (Greenpoint, Brooklyn). This particular beer hall serves drafts, bottles, cans, cocktails, wine, whiskey and more, along with a variety of sausages, Belgian fries and soft pretzels.

Brewpub – A brewpub is the glorious hybrid of a brewery and a pub where the pub sells beer that has been brewed on the premises. There are a handful of these places in NYC—like Heartland Brewery. With four locations—Heartland Brewery and Chophouse in Times Square, Heartland Brewery and Rotisserie at the Empire State Building, Heartland Brewery in Midtown West, as well as HB Burger in Times Square—guests can enjoy great food and classic beers (with seasonal options offered at various times of the year). 

Craft Brewery – A craft brewery produces smaller quantities of beer than giant breweries like Anheuser-Busch or Heineken International. Independently owned entities, craft breweries often have a heavier focus on flavor and quality of the beer. One of the larger-scale craft breweries around town is Coney Island Brewing Company. This company has an innovation brewery at Coney Island where guests can find funky site-specific flavors, as well as some of their more popular brews including its Hard Root Beer (which can be found all over the country).

Tavern/Restaurant/Bar – Like other potent potables, beer can be found in a number of dining establishments all over the city. Dive bars, upscale five-star foodie havens, nightclubs, diners, burger joints… the list goes on and on. I asked my colleagues where they like to go grab a beer and our Websmaster, Lynn, mentioned Amsterdam Tavern on the Upper West Side. She championed their selection of draft beers, the great Happy Hour deals and the tavern’s macaroni and cheese.

Enjoy your brews, wherever you drink them! (And, as always, please drink responsibly.)

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