Doughnut With a Kick

Doughnut With a Kick

A ridiculously perfect doughnut


I say run, don’t walk to grab yourself the experience of a Fonseca BIN 27 Port doughnut, available at The Doughnut Project only Dec. 15 thru Dec. 17. (The first 50 doughnuts on Dec. 15 will be free!).

Why, you ask? The staff here at IN were lucky enough to get a shipment delivered to our office this afternoon, courtesy of the company who represents these incredibly sweet confections (ah, the perks of the job!). The box arrived, we opened it and looked inside, then one by one, each of us took one back to our workstations. The comments flooded in pretty quickly, and impressively unanimous: The glaze was light, as was the doughnut, but the perfect counterpunch is the rich Port compote, peppered with cherries and plums that create a dense middle. For the grand finale, the doughnuts are, of course, topped off with the sweet Fonseca BIN 27 Port glaze, and, finally, finished off with a touch of chocolate dust.

In all honesty, I am not that big of a "sweets" gal: I lean more towards the savory. But if something comes my way that tastes innovative, something I haven't quite tasted before, my brain perks up, my taste buds are rejuvenated, and my tummy clamors for more. This experience was a resounding YES on all those fronts.

So, all I have got to say, is hurry over!

>> The Doughnut Project, 10 Morton St., 212.691.5000


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