Dishes You Can Cozy Up to All Through Winter

Dishes You Can Cozy Up to All Through Winter

Grandma Chicken Mixian (©Asia Coladner)

Winter sure knows how to make a dramatic entrance. After this week’s unexpected blizzard, it’s safe to say winter has arrived. So why not cozy up to some exciting comfort foods we’ve gathered here from warming bowls and dumplings to nostalgic classics and indulgent treats that will make you feel like we’re cozying up next to a fireplace.


Little Tong Noodle Shop

Grandma Chicken Mixian ($15)

Chef Simone Tong’s upgraded, Yunnanese take on classic chicken noodle soup features Little Tong’s signature mixian rice noodles, a rich chicken broth, tender chicken confit, black sesame garlic oil and a scattering of toppings like pickled daikon and soft boiled tea egg, and house-made condiments like fermented red chili sauce. It’s comforting, complex and the perfect way to warm up on chilly January days.


Little Tong Noodle Shop Midtown East

Stuffed JB Melt Sandwich ($13)

The JB Melt Sandwich Combo – exclusively available at Little Tong’s Midtown East location – features two crisp scallion pancakes stuffed with tender, spiced beef shank, griddled Beecher’s cheese curds, homemade spicy mayo and tangy house-marinated cabbage. The sandwich is served with more marinated cabbage and the shop's signature chicken broth.



Taiwanese Chicken Noodle Soup ($40)

Chef Eric Sze created this specials-only dish to pay homage to Chinese herbal medicine ahead of the colder weather and flu season, yet also brings the nostalgia of the classic chicken noodle soup that Americans love. It is served in a huge clay bowl meant to be shared by 2-3 people. It’s made using angel hair noodle pasta, chicken, shredded tofu, and vegetables topped with goji berries in a rich sesame ginger Sichuan rice wine broth.


Bar Moga

Omurice ($16)
Executive Chef, Takanori Akiyama created a yōshoku-style menu with dishes such as the Omurice — an egg omelette over a bed of chicken rice and smothered in demi-glace sauce.



Paella Mixta (pricing varies by size)

Boqueria, the Barcelona-inspired tapas bar brings one of Spain’s most fulfilling shared dishes to New York with its paella mixta, a classic feast of rice, proteins, and veggies all cooked to decadent crispiness and served in a large pan to share.


Kabocha Squash Ravioli (©Molly Tavoletti)



Kabocha Squash Ravioli ($20)
New for fall at one of the coziest, rustic restaurants in Nolita, Epistrophy, is a Kabocha Squash Ravioli. The chef here makes the ravioli by hand, then fills it with kabocha squash and shiitake mushrooms. It’s sauteed in a sage and brown butter sauce, then drizzled with a ginger glaze and pomegranate seeds to finish it off.


La Cafette

Bavette à l'échalote ($25)
La Cafette, Williamsburg’s new, cozy French bistro, fuses French and American comfort food with the hearty bavette à l'échalote, a flavorful steak dish made with stick-to-your-ribs seasonal ingredients, ideal for indulging during the holidays. In case you’re not familiar with this French dish, it is a hanger steak with shallots porto sauce, homemade French fries, seasonal salad.


Left Bank

Iron Roast Split Chicken ($28)

The Iron Roast Split Chicken is served with black pepper polenta and cabbage cooked in the drippings. The dish is all held together with a rich chicken jus, the ultimate non-complicated comfort food dish.



Uni Mazemen ($32)

Takanori Akiyama, who is also the Executive Chef at Bar Moga, curated a menu merging Western influences and traditional Japanese cuisines into one. One of the signature dishes includes the Uni Mazemen — temoni ramen noodles, sea urchin, shiso, bone marrow and bottarga.


Nutty Chocolate Chip Hot Chocolate (©Arianna Tettamanzi)

Elmhurst Milked

Nutty Chocolate Chip Hot Chocolate

In addition to Elmhurst's Unsweetened Milked Walnuts and Milked Oats, the Nutty Chocolate Chip Hot Chocolate is made with cocoa powder and topped with maman's famous nutty chocolate chip cookie.


Sons of Thunder

Chili ($9)

Specializing in California + Hawaii-inspired beach fare, Sons of Thunder, popular for their poke, also offers beloved stick-to-your-ribs comfort food, like the homemade chili, made with 100% beef chili over rice with tomatoes, onions, scallions, and cilantro. Enjoyed alone or atop the cheese fries and Brooklyn Hot Dogs, the chili is a wonderful comfort food that will keep guests warm in the winter months.


The Water Tower at The Williamsburg Hotel

Truffle Grilled Cheese

A decadent and indulgent take on the classic, comforting grilled cheese, executive chef Nicholas Caicedo’s Truffle Grilled Cheese is made with comté, fontina, smoked gouda, burgundy truffles, and Pullman brioche from Brooklyn Bread Lab, the hotel’s in-house warehouse kitchen that focuses on crafting artisan breads, pastas, pastries, and pizza dough from house-milled grains.


Untamed Sandwiches

The Butt ($12)

The Butt is made using Untamed’s signature five-day braising process to create its tender, cider braised pork butt, which is mixed together with broccoli rabe, pepper jelly, dijon mustard and sharp cheddar and plated over homemade cheddar jalapeño grits.


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