Chicken Plus Waffles Equals Love

Chicken Plus Waffles Equals Love

Today is the last day of August, but I'm planning ahead... September is National Chicken Month!

Here is my absolute favorite restaurant to order chicken and waffles from, as well as four places that are on my own personal Chicken and Waffles Bucket List:

Chicken + Waffles = Love

Amy Ruth’s (Harlem) – There is a reason why Amy Ruth’s is at or near the top of every article you read about the best chicken and waffles in NYC—it’s because they are amazing. A friend and I made our way up to Harlem one rainy evening after taking in a musical and I promptly ordered “The Rev. Al Sharpton.” (All of Amy Ruth’s entrées and desserts are named after notable members of the black community with “The Rev. Al Sharpton” being your choice of fried or smothered chicken and a waffle.) I also ordered a side of homemade mashed potatoes because if you’re going to an authentic soul food cuisine establishment, you want to eat everything on the menu. Everything tasted like how a blanket fresh out of the dryer feels on a cold winter’s day. Each bite was a hug and I felt like this meal could probably end wars, or at least minor debacles over misinterpreted texts. This is a filling dish (with or without the mashed potatoes) and the epitome of southern comfort food.

"The Rev. Al Sharpton" at Amy Ruth's (©Katie Labovitz)

Chicken and Waffles Wish List

Buttermilk Channel (Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn) – The dinner menu features buttermilk fried chicken with cheddar waffles and a savoy cabbage slaw. I see a lot of great words in that description, noticeably “buttermilk” and “cheddar.” While I am a fan of putting syrup on my chicken and waffles, this restaurant’s interpretation of the dish makes it come across as wholly savory and that sounds intriguing to me.

Pies-n-Thighs (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) – This establishment’s fried chicken and buckwheat waffles are topped with cinnamon butter and baked peaches, swinging us back to the sweeter end of the Chicken and Waffles Spectrum. The chicken is air-chilled before it’s cooked, which is meant to produce better flavor and texture. 

Root & Bone (East Village) – More cheddar waffles! Root & Bone offers a fried chicken and waffle sandwich (with pickled green tomato, melted cheddar and pickles), as well as the option to add a buckwheat cheddar waffle to an order of crispy fried chicken. The waffle is served with whiskey maple syrup, which combines my favorite alcohol with something I already enjoy on my waffle and chicken. Sign me up for this sweet, savory and booze-infused dish.

Sweet Chick (Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the Lower East Side) – I first happened upon Sweet Chick when I was writing an article for Where Traveler’s website about NYC places that have weekday brunch and noticed that this place has not one, but SIX waffle options for their fried chicken and waffles, as well as hot honey chicken and waffle, dishes. You have your choice of classic, bacon-cheddar, dried cherry, rosemary-mushroom, apple cinnamon or spiced-pecan. One can also order a fried chicken and waffle sandwich and there is also a cordon bleu chicken and waffle dish, but that comes with a gruyere and thyme waffle. So many choices!

Chicken & Waffles at Sweet Chick (©Lani Lee)

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