Carnivore’s Club

Carnivore’s Club

Primal Cut dining room

Beefeaters who enjoy some extra sizzle with their steak might do well to check out Primal Cut. Recently revamped and rebranded, this intimate eatery is located within Sapphire New York, an upscale gentleman’s club on the Upper East Side. It’s a separate space, with its own entrance, though don’t be surprised to see the dancers decorating the bar before or after the shows.


With its smoked oak floors and paneled, painted wood walls, velour-covered banquettes and Space Age light fixtures—all in grey and camel tones—the surrounds register restrained, corporate chic. But if the decor plays it cool, the menu tempts toward let-’er-rip indulgence. Among the sirloins, filets and (of course) New York strips, standouts include a 40-oz. Australian Wagyu Tomahawk and a 44-oz. Porterhouse (copiously seasoned and carefully charred). Sides feature luxe details like lobster (in the mac ‘n’ cheese) or brûléed tops (in the jalapeño creamed corn). And to begin, nothing beats the smokehouse bacon appetizer, a meaty slab in a puddle of maple bourbon sauce. The seafood, sushi and chopped salads also in abundance are swell starters, but let’s be honest – when it comes to pure decadence, pork fat rules.


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