5 Super Instagram-Worthy Desserts to Eat Right Now

5 Super Instagram-Worthy Desserts to Eat Right Now

New York is a smorgasburg of foodie eye candy. From towering ice cream sundaes to gourmet donuts, come and feast your eyes on some of the most photogenic treats in town. We’ve rounded up the top 5 Instagrammable desserts you gotta try while in New York City.


1. Julian’s Sundae - Aunt Jake’s

's Sundae_cred Teresa Ernest.jpg



This colossal contains four scoops of chocolate ice cream, one bubble waffle, Oreos, whipped cream, fruity pebbles, and chocolate syrup.


2. WTF Birthday Waffle – Clinton Hall

SSS_FoodLab_ClintonHall_June2017_jkratochvil_7462 copy.jpg

Courtesy Clinton Hall


This masterpiece is piled high with waffles, vanilla ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, one sugar cone, syrup and a sparkler to celebrate.


3. Ice Cream Sandwich – Ed’s Lobster Bar

Ice Cream Sandwich.jpg



Three hearty scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and chocolate shavings all loaded onto a roll.


4. French Toast – Egg Shop


French Toast_HSC.JPG

French Toast (©Hannah Schneider Creative)


Classic breakfast favorite for dessert? Yes please! Dig into brioche French toast, toasted almonds, maple syrup, strawberry compote, and powdered sugar.


5. Flex Donuts – Flex Mussels


Flex Donuts (©Dara Pollak)

 Your choice of four or six fluffernutter, PB&J, cinnamon & sugar, salted caramel, chocolate, wild blueberry, Meyer lemon, strawberry, s’mores, and Reese’s stuffed donuts with vanilla dipping sauce on the side.

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