5 Great Spots to Celebrate National Buffet Day

5 Great Spots to Celebrate National Buffet Day

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Sometimes when you go out to eat, it’s hard to narrow down what to order because there are so many appetizing items on the menu. That’s what is so beautiful about buffets—you get the opportunity to make up your own plate with the plethora of choices bestowed upon you by the restaurant. To celebrate National Buffet Day, here are five NYC spots with great buffets. 

99 Favor Taste (Sunset Park, Brooklyn and Chinatown): With a Hot Pot buffet and BBQ buffet, there are seemingly endless possibilities to the foods you can enjoy here. Pick one buffet, or do a combination of both, any route you take is a winner. The Hot Pot buffet boasts up to 46 ingredients and six broths while the BBQ buffet has over 30 fresh vegetables and meats to choose from. Come in with a valid ID on your birthday and enjoy one buffet for free!

Jacob Restaurant (Harlem): This soul food and salad bar buffet offers more than 40 Trans fats-free Southern. Caribbean and Continental dishes. From fresh salads and fruits to fried chicken, oxtails, crab cakes, macaroni & cheese, candied yams, banana pudding and more, Jacob Restaurant has delicious food that will fill you up with the kind of cooking you know is made with love.

Mudville 9 (Tribeca): Okay, so not really a buffet, per se, but at Mudville 9, you can order The Wing Ding, which is two hours of all you can eat wings, fries and growlers of beet, and there are 10 flavors of wing sauce to choose from. I called the restaurant to ask if you can switch up sauces mid-Wing Ding and you can! With so many wings options (as you can also get them boneless or traditional-style), you can figure out which combination tastes best to you. 

Spring Shabu-Shabu (Flushing, Queens): Shabu-shabu is a Japanese style of hot pot where food is cooked in a broth that is simmered in individual tableside pots. At this restaurant, the experience is even more interactive because guests choose their hot pot vegetables, fishcakes, dumplings, rice cakes and noodles from a buffet, as well as select what kind of broth, meat and seafood will be used.

Utsav Indian Bar & Grill (Theater District): The Utsav weekday and weekend lunch buffets offer traditional Indian dishes like tandoori chicken, an assortments of salads and raita, saffron rice, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, as well as two desserts and fresh naan (served at the table). I can personally attest that the food at Utsav is delicious and flavorful.

Happy National Buffet Day!

(Courtesy Utsav Indian Bar & Grill)

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