’Tis the Season for Chocolate Memories

’Tis the Season for Chocolate Memories

Every Christmas season, while my son was growing up, one of my dearest friends would give Max a chocolate Advent Calendar. The first year, it was an exciting and wondrous gift for him (being Jewish, he had never had one before). Those memories came flooding back to me when Neuhaus generously sent their 2018 Winter Wonderland Pop Up Chocolate Advent Calendar to our offices recently.

The calendar was indeed a ceremony of sorts. My editors gathered around me while I took off the wrapping paper, which revealed a large, handsome red box. Opening the box, we found 25 figures—ice-skaters, buildings, shops—recreated for a Brussels skyline: behind each cut-out, created out of red and etched gold, was a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate praline, as good as it gets, which is, if you know Neuhaus chocolates, pretty darn wonderful.

It was one of the prettiest and most festive Advent Calendars I had ever seen, and the beauty of the chocolates is that afterward, you can hold on to the box to decorate a mantle or a child’s bedroom.


Without question, my holiday season as got off to a terrific start.

The 2018 Neuhaus Advent Calendar (Courtesy Neuhaus)

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