Unconventional Take on a Day at the Spa at Lift / Next Level Floats

Unconventional Take on a Day at the Spa at Lift / Next Level Floats

There are plenty of ways to get pampered in NYC, with the most traditional probably including a day at the spa—decked out in a plush robe, sipping water with the slight hint of cucumber and listening to Enya while waiting for a massage or facial or manicure or hair service…the list goes on and on. But, there are several outposts for indulgence and healing in the city that don’t easily fall into the “standard” category. One such place is Lift / Next Level Floats.

This Brooklyn-based holistic day spa, located in Carroll Gardens, opened up shop two months ago and places the concept of floating front and center, with the idea that a gravity-free float in a tranquil cocoon of water and Epsom salt can help relieve the body from stress (think physical pressure on shoulders, knees and the back, as well as high blood pressure, fatigue, joint and muscle pain), spiritual wellbeing and intellectual enlightenment.

At the spa, massage tables and pedicure chairs are replaced with five state-of-the-art tanks: three Evolution Float Pods, which resemble giant eggs with clamshell lids (Fun Fact: this is the tank of choice for the Super Bowl-winning New England Patriots, who installed one in their training room), and two Ocean Float Rooms—complete with seven-foot-high ceilings peppered with a starlight effect.

While submerged in the water in these futuristic-type devices and tranquil rooms, with ears just below the surface, those in need of a physical, spiritual or intellectual pick-me-up are free to let their body and mind go where it takes them. And, as an added bonus, the watery solution leaves skin silky and hair smooth—for those that still need a bit of a traditional indulgence.




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