(Courtesy Hannes Ri)

Here are great things to experience around the city when the weather outside is not cooperating.

Cultural events at The New York Times Travel Show (Courtesy The New York Times Travel Show)

Register now to visit over 500 booths from around the world on January 27-29 at the Javits Center.

(Courtesy Philipp Henzler)

This travel and fashion guru’s company will get you behind-the-scenes access to some of the city’s most luxurious and unique experiences.

(Photo by Bobby Ghoshal)

This peaceful march aims to promote women's rights, civil rights and equality.

(Photo by Mirella Cheeseman, Courtesy of Metrograph LLC

Film lovers, rejoice! NYC has amazing movie theaters offering the best flicks from the past and present.

(Courtesy Professor Thom's)

These places are among the best in town to showcase your stellar trivia knowledge.

Space Shuttle Enterprise (©Katie Labovitz)

Here are some of my favorite adventures from 2016.

(Courtesy The Jewish Museum)

From the lighting of large menorahs to enjoying authentic Jewish comfort food, here’s some great activities during Hanukkah this year.

(Courtesy The New York Nightlife)

These professional party organizers get you into the hottest clubs, bars, rooftop venues and more.

(Courtesy The New York Nightlife)

It is never too early to make plans for New Year's Eve!


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