This Valentine’s Day, the busy Midtown streets will be buzzing with romance at LOVE in Times Square. Grab your Valentine and head to the Crossroads of the World for love-inspired attractions, deals and artwork.

Contrary to popular belief, a “salon” isn’t just a place for pampering; it also refers to a periodic gathering of people of social or intellectual distinction. However, in the 21st century, if you were to say the word, chances are pretty good people would think you’re referring to the former rather than the latter. If you’re looking to be intellectually stimulated—and can save the pampering for another day—head to the Dahesh Museum of Art Gift Shop tomorrow for its free Salon Thursdays program.

Newark is gearing up for the Super Bowl with several events leading up to game day.

Looking for something fun to do while you count down to the big game? There are tons of Super Bowl themed activities to check out in New York. Here are some of our favorites.

American author and photojournalist Eudora Welty once said, “A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” I wholeheartedly believe in that statement, which is why I jump at the opportunity to visit museums and galleries that display works in that medium.

As you probably already know, Super Bowl XLVIII is headed to New Jersey next month, which means the whole city is gearing up for the big game.

With four floors of educational exhibits, Liberty Science Center provides hours of family fun. Now through March 2nd, football fans can explore Gridiron Glory, a display of NFL memorabilia that includes jerseys, balls, historic documents and more. You can even try on helmets and padding like those worn by players. Nearby, you can also learn some of the training moves football players use to practice at Training Camp.

When I moved to this sprawling metropolis I only had one major fear, mastering the New York City subway system.

The Empire State Building is probably the most recognizable landmark in New York City. At 1,454 feet from base to antenna, it soars above its Midtown Manhattan neighborhoods and can be seen from quite a distance.

During any given holiday, New York City is the place to be. I mean, think about. We celebrate Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween with larger-than-life parades and festivities throughout town; and Christmas ushers in awe-inspiring decorations, which hang from the city’s venerable landmarks. So of course, New York knows how to ring in a new year


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