Women’s March on New York City to Take Place Saturday January 21

Women’s March on New York City to Take Place Saturday January 21

(Photo by Daryan Shamkhali)

With a goal of empowering all U.S. citizens to stand up for the inalienable rights they have been granted by the U.S. Constitution, a peaceful march—Women’s March on New York Cityis being held on January 21 in New York City, as well as hundreds of cities across the country and world. This is a sister march to the Women's March on Washington

The Women's March on New York City is organized by volunteers who want to safely, but effectively, share the message that people care about protecting and guarding their civil liberties that include women's rights and equality for all citizens. This is a history-in-the-making event and an inspiring way for people to come together and support each other. The march promotes equal rights for all people—therefore all people are welcome to participate no matter what gender, race, ethnicity, orientation or age! 

While the event is free to attend, people are encouraged to register online so that they can be emailed any important notices regarding the march. Guests can also refer to the march’s Facebook page and official website for the most up-to-date information.

Participants may bring signs, but please note that signs cannot be on poles, nor have sticks or handles on them. Also, make sure to dress for the weather and expect to be on your feet for several hours. 

The Women’s March on New York City begins around noon on Saturday, January 21, though start times for marchers will be staggered due to the large number of participants—check the website for when you are suggested to show up. There will be a rally from 10:45-11:50 at One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (883 First Ave., at E. 48th St.)—the starting point of the march. The rally will be streamed live, so that marchers who have a later start time, as well as any interested parties, can listen to and watch the rally. To make the march and rally inclusive events, American Sign Language interpreters will be there. Trained therapists, information agents and EMT services will also be available and there will also be assist volunteers to help with participating marchers that use wheelchairs.

Event organizers have permits for the Women’s March on New York City and have been working with both the NYPD and NY Parks Department to help make sure the event will be safe for participants.


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