Prepare to be (Ocean) Floored by Times Square’s Newest Attraction

Prepare to be (Ocean) Floored by Times Square’s Newest Attraction



National Geographic Encounter Bait Ball (Courtesy of National Geographic)


This isn't a movie; this isn't virtual reality. National Geographic Encounter is taking visitors out of their seats and into the mysteries of the deep sea right in the heart of Times Square.


This walk-through experience will last approximately 90 minutes and is an immersive sound and interactive “real-time” interface that will blend entertainment with innovation. All culminating in a giant dome, guests will virtually interact with humpback whales, Humboldt squids, great white sharks, sea lions, dolphins and rays.


National Geographic Encounter is produced, developed and managed by the creative minds of SPE Partners, under license from National Geographic. SPE Partners engaged a world-class creative team of Academy, Emmy, and Grammy Award-winning artists to fully develop the vision for the project by combining science, technology and storytelling in an unprecedented way.  


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(Courtesy National Geographic)

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