An Experience Beyond Expectation: Bespoke NYC Getaways with Chloe Johnston

An Experience Beyond Expectation: Bespoke NYC Getaways with Chloe Johnston

Find your perfect NYC breakfast spot with the help of an expert at Chloe Johnston (Courtesy Anthony Delanoix)

New York City has an infinite number of things to do—from sightseeing to shopping to fine dining and more. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a frequent city-goer looking to explore aspects of the Big Apple in a whole new way, booking an experience with Chloe Johnston is a great way to immerse yourself in the city’s most luxurious and often, hard to access, hidden treasures.

Chloe Johnston is an expert travel-planning boutique that provides curated itineraries for its high-end customers. First launched by Chloe Johnston to offer personalized tours in Paris, her passion and know-how for travel and fashion led her to expand her company. Today, Chloe Johnston provides bespoke adventures for clients who are looking for behind-the-scenes access to the arts, culture, food, fashion, interior design and more of some of the world’s biggest cities—including NYC.

Solo travelers, pairs and small groups can book experiences that will take them on adventures crafted for their specific interests. See what you want to see and do what you want to do, but allow Chloe Johnston’s connections to elevate your NYC trip to a new level. With an arsenal of eclectic designers to call upon, customers can enjoy personal styling endeavors, private shopping experiences and shop-hopping for whatever it is that you have your sights on. Want to hit up some of the city’s best vintage stores? Chloe Johnston’s tour guides know just where to go. Want to find the perfect pair of jeans? Chloe Johnston can set up a denim experience where you’ll see how designer jeans get made (and artfully distressed). There are even opportunities to attend invite-only shopping events and snag VIP tickets to runway shows and private ateliers during New York Fashion Week.

While fashion experiences are the company’s forte, Chloe Johnston also has great art opportunities, tours for foodies and aviation adventures so you can see the city from a completely different point of view than you get from just walking around town, among others. What do you want to do and see in NYC? Chances are someone at Chloe Johnston can try and make that happen. Get creative—this is all about you!

The ability to go above and beyond into making your trip extra special is something that sets Chloe Johnston apart from other boutique travel experts. In addition to seeing and doing what you most want to in NYC, you’ll get exclusive experiences unlike anything else you would likely be able to do on your own. 

Take the stress out of planning your dream vacation and let the experts help you create a trip you’ll never forget. Click here to see examples of the kinds of experiences Chloe Johnston can put together for you.

Love fashion? Attend exclusive Fashion Week events with the help of Chloe Johnston's connections. (Courtesy Kris Atomic)

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