The Soul of the Modern Woman Through the Eyes of Neo-Surrealism

The Soul of the Modern Woman Through the Eyes of Neo-Surrealism

Courtesy Martin Lawrence Gallery

Attention art lovers! Martin Lawrence Gallery invites you to view the Neo-Surrealist works of Anne Faith Nicholls at her art show February 22, at the Martin Lawrence SoHo gallery location. Anne Faith Nicholls is a new voice in the contemporary art scene. Her paintings offer a point of view rich with symbolic narratives and mysteries, emotion and self-realization, inspired by her travels to Hungry and Spain and the subconscious. Since 1975, Martin Lawrence Galley has assisted and advised collectors worldwide in acquiring fine art. (MLG), with its unparalleled collection of treasures, specializes in unique paintings and limited-edition graphics and sculpture by Warhol, Haring, Murakami, Chagall, Picasso and Erté.


I want to see this unique and refreshing look at the soul of the modern woman with a particular emphasis on her reaction to the European refugee crisis. Nicholls’ style has been described as Neo-Surrealism, drawing inspiration from Early American Folk Art, and French and Socialist Surrealism. I definitely see some René Magritte and Frida Kahlo as well as Dali influences in her work. Nicholls style offers a revealing and refreshing view of the power and spirit of the modern woman. Her wildly feminist work caught the attention of Martin Lawrence Galleries at Art Basel in Miami.


Come in for the reception and have the opportunity to meet Nicholls and discuss her fascinating work Thursday, February 22nd from 6-8 pm. To RSVP, call 212.995.8865. For more information visit


 “Dreams reveals truths concealed” —Anne Faith Nicholls

>>Martin Lawrence Galleries, 457 West Broadway

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